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Relax overlapping UVs

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What i did eventually was

vertex split

promote uvs to point

transform my world positions to uv space

v@wP = @P; //store the points world space positions
@P = @uv; //from world space to uv space

treat the uvs as a mesh so i could find intersections and use the smooth node. The results where okayish but not great.

transform back to world space promote uv to vertex.

Any other ideas? because the smoothing part is a bit funky, i keep getting these spikes





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clean some parameters(channels) ,that was inside HDA ..or just copy paste(write) and investigate "extrude parameter in Loop to make them 0"-  IN new SCENE rebuild ....

if that not works Download
Fe-ELib for Houdini it has some Examples on that topic

using volumes and COPS

#define UP {0,0,0.2}

vector poses[], uvws[];
int prims[];
int intersect_all = intersect_all(1, @P, UP, poses, prims, uvws, 0.01, -1);
#if 0
    f@height = intersect_all / 10.0;
    f@height = intersect_all > 1;


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Looking for something in the FeElib is like looking for a haystack comb, basically this man rewrote Houdini :D

Where did you found this example Tesan, out of context, it's difficult. Will be curious to see the Volume Cops option... Sounds intriguing! ;)


Have you tried the UVPelt sop to relax? or primuv to come back?

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@vinyvince It was in first post (that I made here on Odforce and shared also on Facebook 2 years ago) and in 1*(first) release  they had Architecture Folder and examples  and uv's Tricks in Cop ..Don't know where its that folder now in newest release..Maybe its deleted . or its from different set of Hda's --I'm like hamster i just Collecting.:rolleyes:



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