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Preparing Rocky Terrain for RBD Simulation

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Hey guys!

I'm wondering how to prepare a rocky terrain for a rigid body simulation.

The scene I've provided is a small-scale version of a scene that I will be working on. The ground is a noisy plane, and there are "rocks & Boulders" scattered on the geometry. In this scene, there are 3 just to represent what I am working with, but in the real scene (which was made in Maya), there will be hundreds of these rocks. There will be geometry that will be entering the ground, as well as rising from the ground.

My question is, how do you prepare the geometry for a rigid body simulation? I will be extruding the ground to give it the thickness it needs (not sure how think it will need to be as of yet) I understand that the geometry needs to be flush, with no intersections but I'm not 100% sure how to go about this. Any help/suggestions are appreciated!



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yes for RBD sim needed always for better collision detections, thickness u can control via collider property so no need to add thickness in geo itself

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