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M1 Max Performance

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Hi Everyone,

First: I only need advice on M1 Max performance. 
I know the fact that Custom PC is a cheaper solution (I have one currently).
I will travel a lot in the next few months.

I want to buy a M1 Max 16'' with:
- 10 Core CPU
- 32 Core GPU
- 32Gb Memory
- 1Tb SSD

My current PC Specs:
- Ryzen 9 12-Core
- RTX2070 Super 8Gb
- 64Gb Ram
- 1Tb Nvme / 1Tb SSD

I wonder if 32Gb will be sufficient to run some simulations (Vellum, Fracture and Fluid)?
I'm in doubt regarding the 64Gb Upgrade (or not)

I know that.. there's never something like ''too much RAM''
But I wonder if someone had already did a try on Houdini simulations on a 32Gb M1 Max 16''?
Is it decent?
Are you able to work properly?

It's already a lot of money, and even if, when you spend 5000$.... 500$ upgrade could appears ''okay'', But I don't want to spend ''too much'' at the end. (I read myself again..Yeah.. 5000$(with taxes) is already .. a sh*t load of cash)
I don't work exclusively on Houdini, but also on Unreal, Unity, Substance, Blender.

Ps: At the end, this need to be my main (and only) computer

Thank you for your time! :)
Take care

For the same price (~5000$)
Do you have some very good (windows) laptop in mind? (at least 64gb RAM and very good GPU // Optimized for VFX)

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Just look up, how much ram you really use with your typical simulations in your daily jobs and voila. :) Maybe add some extra GB because you will be using shared memory, though.


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Will you have decent internet connections from where you will be working? You could think about working remotely on your stationary pc to do the heavy lifting (production-level sims and rendering) while having a quite snappy laptop for the rest of your work like previews and general working on scenes.

Anydesk works like a charm for my setup.

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Thanks for your answer @bollili!

For your last solution, I thought about that, and tried, But I will not have a good internet connection all time unfortunately.
But it's a good solution for anyone in the same case, but with a good connection, for sure!
I tried to analyse the RAM comsumption on my actual custom computer, but it was not obvious.

Anyway, I got my answer: It's working pretty well with M1 Max 32Gb Ram.
I would have buy the 64Gb Ram if I would had enough money.. But it was not the case, so at the end.. no need to think about ''Should I buy..'' It was simple.

Some features in Houdini seems to not work properly but will probably be fixed soon.
Unreal, Unity, Blender and Houdini work very well!
After some test tonight, I can even say that it's better and more responsive than my custom build.
It cost a lot.. But it's incredibly fast. I'm kind of surprise to be honest.

Thanks again @bollili


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