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Can you simulate Vellum Brush interactions over time?

Hi guys,

im trying to recreate the cloth simulation from this awesome project ive found on behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/136351151/RGB. Im mainly focusing on 0:00-0:005s.

I thought they first grabbed a single frame from a vellum solver sim and then to get that extra movement at 0:03s they used the vellum brush to "kick" down parts of the cloth.

After trying out the vellum brush im now wondering if that tool can only be used to create stills. I can kind of recreate the kicking down movement in real time in the viewport with my mouse but at the end of the day thats just giving me a still. I need a simulation tho...

So my question is can i keyframe or animate the interactions im doing with the vellum brush somehow? if so, please explain how i can do that.

Other than that if u guys have any other suggestions as to how they achieved that simulation, please feel free to tell me! :)


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