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Is there a way to paste mirrored keyframes?

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I'm trying to make a walk cycle in Houdini using a KineFX rig, and was wondering if there was a way to copy certain keyframes, and paste the mirrored pose onto the other side of the rig. I think blender has a function like this, where you can copy a pose, then paste the flipped version of the pose. 

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I don't believe there is anything as simple as the Blender set up. There is mirror rig pose node that you can use with a few stash pose or timeshift nodes to mirror various poses. Since a walk cycle is fairly short, you could probably make it work, but it is not as simple as copying and selecting pasted flipped. Something like that I think would have to be scripted.

There was a thread a while back (before Kinefx, so object level rigs here) on a python tool that did this. Could be a decent starting point.


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