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More complexity in setups

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Hi everyone,

my question is how do I get better in building setups? I always have the feeling my setups are very basic and somehow always built up the same.

I am using houdini for 3 years now in professional production but I still have the feeling that I am just scratching the surface of this software and if I see other artists setups I am completely flashed. I really learn a lot in my freetime and try to improve in 3d math and programming but I have the feeling that I am far behind where I actually should be.

I would really love to hear how you all archive to master this software and face all the tasks, that come up on your desk.

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If you are solely responsible for the projects you've worked on so far, then areas for improvement would include:
- leaving a note beside groups of nodes (you could also netbox them) so that you understand what they do even if you leave the project for a long time
- colour-coding nodes so you can see at a glance what purposes nodes serve, without having to click each one
- reducing nesting depth of nodes where possible, or use Compile blocks to optimize the performance of loops
- using Object Merge to avoid many intersecting network lines, but be warned that over-use can impact performance negatively

If you have worked on projects with others, then you can also get feedback from them on what else can be clarified in your networks. For instance, a colleague showed me his node colour-conventions and I found it fairly useful so I implemented it in work I share with him.

Also, check out this talk by @mestela

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