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Brand Accurate Textures Using Karma XPU

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I recently needed to render some particles in Houdini to use in an After Effects project. When I rendered the results, I was disappointed the colors did not match the brand I was working with. After a lot of experimentation, I came up with a work flow to maintain brand accurate colors using Karma XPU.


Make sure to set the file color space on the mtlxUsdUVTexture node to srgb_texture.



This setup leverages OpenColorIO for output. The input space must also be set to srgb_texture, with the output space being set to data.Untitled-1.jpg.6f483a96bde2dc1cc9fc02145536617f.jpg


For a crisper alpha edge, I set the pixel filter to box and dropped the filter size to 1. These sprites are stacked on top of one another. To prevent upper layer sprites from casting shadows on the others, you can use Simplified Shading. This is a quick way to render a beauty pass minus the shadows.



If you render to MPlay to spot-check your results, make sure to disable ACES color correction. There is no need for it because OCIO has already been applied to the output.


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