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Billowy ceiling fire

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Hey guys, i messing a few days to achieve an fire spreading through a ceilling. like this reference: https://www.actionvfx.com/collections/ceiling-fire-stock-footage

At first i thought that it would be easy, after a few days trying to reach the look, all  my attemps were dull. i have no clue how to achieve this smooth/billowy flames behavior.

i made an density source like cells. and an velocity field as vel field to "pull" the heat and try to give this blooby chambers. it just gives an messy/noisy result.

Does anyone have an clue how approch this effect??







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You might want to play with the bonfire Simple Effects shelf tool. Set the cooling rate of the temperature to 1.0 and you get nice rolling cloud shapes. Swap the circle for your ceiling square to define the area. After that, set the wind to point down and make the buoyancy a little stronger than the wind. If you animate the noise of the temperature, it moves along the length of the box.

If you render it upside down, it might just work as a ceiling element..?



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Hey, thanks for advance dude.

i ran at you file and noticed a few things. one that's simplified node run pretty fast =) and has several controlers.

i add a gas wind to pull the flames toward an direction (i not sure if this gonna mess the smooth/rounded shapes).

one huge tweak that i did was plug an Pyro post-process Sop after the solver, it has an checkbox called Flame density, it looks like that it gives more rounded shapes at the flame field.

one thing that would add at this effect is more "cells" falmes next to each other, thats is seem here: https://uploads.actionvfx.com/video/ad93c1f6-84e1-4ff1-ab7d-61c462a63d1d/webm/Side_Ceiling_Fire_8_1466_2K.webm

an issue continue is those big chunks, maybe this can be rid after simulation?






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