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pyro disturbance radius way too big

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Houdini 17.5

 In a Pyro sim, I am using distrubance to give details to smoke, HOWEVER, the disturbance pump radius is always BIG -ps. hight of the pump is can be lowered easily by the disturbance scale or 0.375/2 seen below, the problem is the pump spans over big surface area patch.  Plz see attached image (Local =1 or Block Size=Voxel size produce the same look). Note the voxel size is way smaller than the radius drown below, so there should not be a problem in grid resolution...










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Posted (edited)

I see a few things wrong, or I wouldn't setup my sim that way. Don't link your div size to the rasterize node. Use the div size of the Pryo Object to drive the particle separation of the pyro source. The rasterize node derives its voxel size from pyro source. Don't animate the cutoff on the disturbance, instead animate the Disturbance scale up and down. Turn off all shape tools except Disturbance until you dial in your look, then toggle that one off and take the same approach with turbulence and confinement. Dial them in one at a time. This helps isolate what controls contribute to the final look.

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Tx for your reply, I will have a look at my setup and test soon :) Tx a lot ...

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