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Force Hython to retry loading missing otl


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Hello everyone, 

I'm using hython to run a bunch of files on remote computers and sometimes the network shuts down for a few seconds, causing the "job" to be suspended undefinitely, the only solution being killing the process. Then in the stdout I have this message appearing : 

Cannot access the OTL source: //Path/To/Some/file.hda
for operator type: somehda

“Save & Quit” will save the hip file and quit the session
“Discard & Quit” will quit the session without saving the hip file
“Retry” will attempt again to refresh the OTL definition from the same file location
“Embed” will try to use an alternative definition among already loaded OTLs,
and if no suitable definition is found, it will create a hollow, embedded fallback OTL
which allows you to continue working with the hip file
“Refresh OTLs” will reload OTLs found in the search path
and try to use them for the operator definition
“Load OTL” will present a file chooser to specify an explicit OTL location
where the operator definition can be found
0: “Save & Quit”
1: “Discard & Quit”
2: Retry
3: Embed
4: “Refresh OTLs”
5: “Load OTL”

Anyone knows if there is a way to force hython to one option ? It's a bit annoying...


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