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Set detail attribute in GeometryVOP in a DOP network

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I'm trying to have a sphere jump at some points in space when it's close to those points. I would like to have for one step of the dop, to have v + = dv_n , where dv_n is a point attribute on a curve that the sphere moves close to. I'm trying to emulate a player pressing a jump button once where the sphere is close to a given point

The logic I'm using is this: in DOP, in Geometry VOP

 // The dv curve has points which have mostly dv=(0,0,0) except at some points where I want the sphere to jump

the curve is connected to Geometry VOP input2

get the near point on the dv curve

import dv_n attribute found on the curve at that point in space

v += dv_n

Doing only this, I get multiple d += dv_n depending on v.

I'm trying to have an array which stores the points which have already been used so that I can ignore them for some time or forever.

I'm not sure where the integer array should be stored though


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