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Rig animation wiggles

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Hi Community,

I animated a Robot arm and in the rendered Film I realized the animation that should be Smooth is wiggling.

The Animation curves looks fine.

I already got more strong effects, which I conquered by adding new Keyframes and altered their Position a little. But this didn't work all the time and is no nice working at all.

Could anyone tell me what is the Problem?

I uploaded the File:

Look through the control Cam and watch the red Null jumping between Frame 1750 and 1950


Would be very nice if you could help mel!:rolleyes:


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Generally defaut ik solver is perfect for solving ik bones, I don't know your animation details and just checked frames from 1750 to 1950, I just guess maybe some particular angles or poses caused the wiggling problem,

currently your ik solver is not precise enough, cause the end bone tip gets bais from the ik goal for couple of frmes. For your chop node "KIN_chain_bone1",try to set "Tracking Threshold Factor" to 0.00001,but don't set to 0,the original is 0.001.

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Thank you Benyee - this solves my problem!

Everything is smooth again.

I really appreciate your help a lot! These problems are really a pain if you are under time pressure!

Have a nice day

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