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Activate FLIP by Attribute

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I have a FLIP source, and I'd like to control which particles get simulated by using a group - i.e. create a Group node with a bounding sphere and animate its size, so that only points inside that group get simulated.

I have the basic setup, using a POP Group node with Preserve Group checked on. Then I set @v to {0,0,0} on all points outside that group. It kind of works, but the boundary is kind of soft, and points from outside keep creeping in and getting simulated. Maybe there's something else I could use? Something similar to the @active attribute in Bullet?

Hip file attached.


Thanks for any suggestions! 

Activate By Attribute.hip

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There is an @stopped attribute you can use.

if (inpointgroup(0, "active", @ptnum)!=1) {
@v = {0,0,0};
@stopped = 1;


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