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Redshift OSL Pointcloud functions

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I'm exploring some OSL with Redshift and have hit a bit of a brick wall trying to figure out how to do a point cloud lookup. There's not much info online and a lot of it is pretty old and I'm guessing potentially out of date.

There are a couple of specific issues -

--I gather OSL needs to be built with PartIO for the point cloud functions to work
From Github - https://github.com/AcademySoftwareFoundation/OpenShadingLanguage/blob/main/INSTALL.md#dependencies
"(optional) PartIO If it is not found at build time, the OSL pointcloud functions will not be operative."

--It sounds like I need to use .ptc format - all I can find about writing that format is also to do with PartIO and I'm a bit stumped as to how to use it

So the first thing to establish is whether Redshift OSL implementation supports the functions or not. And if it does, do I need to bite the bullet and figure out how to get PartIO working with CMake, or however it's supposed to be done..?

Thanks for reading


[I've posted this on Sidefx.com too - if I find answers in one forum I'll copy them to the other too]

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