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mutation engine

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based off the biomorphs algorithm from The Blind Watchmaker Not quite as snappy as this implementation, but useful, I think for when you have a huge parameter space to explore


I've only just now got it working, haven't had time to experiment with larger objects and more parameter keyframes. My inspiration was from using the Labs Tree tools. Soo many parameters.

If anyone's interested in trying it out lemme know and I'll slide an OTL your way. I'd love some feedback.



Wait a second... What does it do? How does it work?

Given a size of population (default 4) and a keeper object to base the copies on.

The mutation engine, plugged into a node with single key frames in the parameters you want to vary, will produce copies and variations of those nodes.

Those variations of parameters are chosen by a chance percentage (0-1) and then varied plus or minus by magnitude percentage with a floor variation to keep values from settling at or too near 0.

Buffer is the percentage of space between geometry.

I think it'd be useful (which is why I made it) for exploring large parameter space, like, hundreds of parameters. Like, the value and position of several ramp points across even more nodes.

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