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Removing unnecessary box in pyro solver

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I am trying to follow this tutorial for particles.

I am using Houdini 19 but this tutorial was made in Houdini 18. The DOP network for billowy smoke sim in the tutorial looks like this


whereas at my end it looks like this.





It contained sparse pyrsolver and I replaced it with regular pyrosolver which was already there in the tutor's UI. When I added it, a box appeared out of nowhere. How do I remove it?


Here's the houdini file.




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Posted (edited)

Alright. Thanks for sharing the hip file. I'm checking your file and studying each component.  I have some questions. 


1. What is the reason behind adding dop import field?




2. In the tutorial video, after selecting the sphere and clicking on the billowy smoke solver, the sphere automatically gets connected in the system of the smoke. Whereas when I do it at my end, it doesn't happen. Here's a screenrecording of a comparison between the video and what I encounter. 







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