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Simple modeling and order of nodes

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Modelling noob question. The last time I did any modelling in Houdini was before covid!
Simple extruded arc.

1. Is my node order correct, ie normal followed by facet and uvtexture?
2. Does it matter if use use Face or Cylindrical texture type for an extruded arc like this?
And lastly
3. why do the UV Quick Shade and Labs UV Visualize give different results?
Aren't they both doing the same thing?


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Posted (edited)

Your network screen shot is fairly unreadable. You should apply the UVs before you distort the grid. Of course the mapping-type matters. Orthographic works fine for the grid. Examine the nodes, UV Quick shade is correct, and Labs is not:). That is to say, Labs' default for tiling is 10x normal. This might be useful for game engines and thus was adopted as the default for that tool.

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