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Sharp spikes growth effect

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Hi Guys!
Does anyone know or have similar experience that how to make this kind of sharp effect on the surface

The spiny and oftentimes sharp spikes protruding from backs of some lizards.

The more advanced idea is to let it cycle on the surface,a bit like fractal or growth loop.



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There's lots of ways to skin that cat, but if I was doing that as a character (meaning an animated lizard, as opposed to an effect that suggests lizard skin) I'd want to bake that into the model geometry. So while you could do it as textured displacement, but looking at the way it blends into the smoother areas of the skin, I'd probably do it as a polyextrude with the length driven by a painted attribute and the direction by a different custom vector attribute.

But to be honest, if it was a character that was going to be used in multiple shots, I probably would hand model it, rather than do it procedurally.

But I'll try to mock something up tomorrow.

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