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Reload FileCache

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Hi , I'm having this problem that when I do a rop chain to write a bunch of filecaches , some doesnt get updated and fail the rest of the caches , so I was looking how to force this realoading with python by hitting the reload button via and external python file(so I can do other stuff on postprocess beside updating) and @Adam Ferestad gave me this solution, but I can't getting working. it's a postprocess command on the node I want to reaload that calls a python node  wich then calls an external python function to reload...  also I would like to print something to the houdini or python houdini console so I can know that the script run but I can't...  what I'm doing wrong here? ... also it might be a simpler quick solution for this realoading problem, I'm happy to hear any because I really need this to iterate quickly.

I attached a test setup 



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