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Embed a kinefx skeleton in a geometry

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Say you have a target character that you want to match with a good topology using TopoTransfer

I have this workflow that I would like to experiment with, not sure if it's actually tha useful, but I'm attempting to do this:

1/ Embed a skeleton in the good topology mesh

2/ Make the good topology mesh look like like the target

3/ Extract the embeded skeleton  from step 1 - it is now deformed 

4/ bonedeform the good topology mesh with the deformed skeleton, hopefully it should be really close to the target; 

The trick is that you now have a way to transition from T-pose / rest pose to the matched pose, and all sort of interesting stuff.

I was thinking of maybe expressing each point of the skeleton as some function of a given number of well chosen local points -  using barycentric coordinates

Maybe there is a clever trick with Attribute Transfer.

Any thoughts / any SOP that is already doing this ? 

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