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Rotating Packed Primitives in VOP?

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Hi I'm fairly new to Houdini, hoping someone can help me understand how to do this.

Basically I want to rotate the triangles with a noise in an attribute VOP, however nothing I have tried works and I have a feeling it's because rotation may only work on point normals? (Still pretty confused)

I tried using the primitive node to rotate but would ideally like to be able to control random rotation in VOPS

Any help would be really appreciated, it's been quite frustrating to figure this out






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There are several ways how to do this, as a new to Houdini you can simply go in loop and transform how you like.

Google "houdini loop" to understand how it works.

More advanced way will be with matrix tranformation, you can google "houdini rotate packed primitive".

Check an example rotatetriangles_v02.hip

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