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Rig on path deform with wave motion

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I'm starting to work on a rig for a fish, and having trouble with spine of the rig in conjunction with path deform.

In the file is a simple setup in which you can see the curve (with some vex) makes a swimming motion and follows along the curve via pathdeform.

Now... how do I get the actual bones (rig) to follow along the path including the wave motion without getting all distorted and messed up.




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Houdini is trending away from the traditional bone method for rigging. There is a new system called KineFX that is SOP based, instead of /obj based. For a fish, I think I'd animate it a world origin, and deform the skin along the path, leaving the bones where they are.

There are some abstract example here:


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Posted (edited)

Yes, i employ Kinefx workflow as well. But this is for a shark that has to do other things in conjunction with a typical fish swim. Also, it cannot distort in anyway noticible. I've looked at that link before, and that's the problem there. I have no rig controls following the path so I cannot add blocked out secondary animation. If i were to animate from the origin, it would be very difficult to see how the secondary animation is interacting with the entire environment. I really need the rig... skeleton (bones, rig tree) or whatever to be influenced by the curve deformer ( could even use chops) and follow a path at the same time. There's an easy in Maya to do this, but I'm not using Maya. :D 

Speaking of animating at the origin... i tried that (using chops wave) and yes, the object (fish) will move along the path (pathdeform) as intended, but as soon as you apply an animation to an object that's moving along the path via pathdeform, it moves off the center side to side and back & fourth causing an erratic motion. So I guess what I'm ultimately trying to do, is have the entire rig follow pathdeform. Is that possible?


Sorta like what this topic was about.

Flow Path Object / Deform Along Curve | Forums | SideFX



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