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How do I get uneven sampling with pcfind function?

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whenever I try to use pcfind() I get perfect circle shaped sampling

I tried to break this pattern by adding noise to P position in pcfind() as such :


if(intpointgroup(0, 'infected', @ptnum)) {

    @myArray = pcfind(0, 'P', @P+v@noise, radius, max_pts);


*noise was generated in vex using voplib.h 


but somehow it just shifted the start position, not the sampling pattern itself. (I still get clean circle shape sampling)

is there another way I can break this pattern in one wrangle?

I've used attribnoise to P and rayed it back to get a similar result, but it messes up the rest position and doesn't feel right


sorry for horrible English and thank you in advance!




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