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parallel or serial connections popnet

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Hi, I have a basic question about connection in popnet. There are 2 ways to connect nodes, parallel or serial connections, and I wonder how exactly these methods are different each other and how we decide to choose them.

Obviously when we use multi pop_source nodes, we have to use a merge node. On the other hands, do we have any other specific situations we have to or should not use merge nodes??

popvop and  sopsolver nodes also have multi input options as well, which I guess the same deal. 

If someone demonstrate how we decide to choose parallel or serial connections, it would be great. My guess is that if we use only ONE pop_source node, parallel or serial does not matter. However, if we use multi pop_source nodes, it should be important. The force/velocity operation nodes would not matter how they are connected as screen capture's sim results.  Do they make sense?






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Both the same, if you dive inside popforce you will see how really nodes connected 

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