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Wood RBD Sim Unstable with Constraints

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I've got a "wood" structure that needs destroying and I'm getting stuck on the simulation part. The sim looks good for about 3-4 seconds and then the fractured pieces start to move of their own accord (i.e they freak out).

I've fiddled with substeps (both DOPNET and bulletrbdsolver), collision geo, constraint iterations, etc. I watched countless tutorials and searched the web looking for answers, but nothing seems to work.

I just don't know where the issue is coming from.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Example file provided and link to video showing problem.




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nice setup for wood fracture

I did some optimizations for your scene,see the marked nodes

for the rbdcluster node,you should check off the "fuse clustered pieces" since you have to make collision shape of each piece separately in dop,and so you should keep the original "name" attrib after clustering

for the constraints,I split the "glue" constraint into 2,one is cluster inner glue(glue constraint) and the other is glue between clusters(hard constraint,to make the entire wood structure a little bit softer)

and other modifications,for the bullet solver and setup for wood mass,etc,hope it helps




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