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RBDs floating on FLIP-Fluid issue

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Hi guys,

I have two RBD objects, floating on FLIP-fluid. I set the Density (mass) to 400 (lower than the fluid mass).

When two objects are of the same amount of mass, they have to react in the same way, right? I mean in this case, they have to stay on the surface.

The problem is the bigger object stays on the surface, but the smaller one sinks into the fluid:
- How can I fix it?
- How can I set the density(mass) in the SOP level (as an RBD source)?

Thanks for helping.

Floating RBD.gif

Floating RBDs.hip

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its your resolution in your domain... too low res, the box collision passes through between frames.  visualize vel with a bounding box with hash 

try a par sep of .025...




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