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Modify item in OPmenu

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Hey guys,

I try to modify a few items in the OPmenu (the menu triggered when right-clicking on nodes). I want to modify the expressions that enable certain items, for example disabling the Type Properties... for specific nodes.

Following the documentation, I came up with the following xml file that is in a directory in the HOUDINIPATH

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <modifyItem id="opmenu.properties">
# some example python code to evaluate an expression
expression = node.type().name() == "custom_nodetype_name"
return expression

And Houdini returns an error when firing the menu, telling it cannot find element "opmenu.properties". I tried with other items I've found in the "internal" OPmenu.xml file, and I keep having the same error.

Anyone has any hints on this ?

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