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konstantin magnus

Blend positions between uneven topology meshes

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How would you blend positions between meshes with different topology and uneven point count?
My idea was to use the 'underlying' primitive's intrinsic UV coordinates for matching.
But when transfering to world position I run into this typical "fix boundary seams"-issue known from the UV texture-node.



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Hola @konstantin magnus

I remember a google demo and this other method . The point count will change during the transition of shapes, but the convex hull retains point attributes during the process, you can easily keep track of point id's to maintain a correspondence with the original mesh and use optimal transport

Have a look at the work of the great Jake rice, i just found again the link, here is




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Another method, which is dependent on what kind of objects you have, is to iteratively use the ray sop set to minDist with a low value and then blur inside a sop solver.

See attached scene:




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