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Daniel Voloshkevych

Creating a high speed impact effect

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Hello folks,

I have a picture from the recent DART satellite impact from NASA (see below). 

And I wonder, if there is a way to recreate this impact-streaks-effect in Houdini. 

I've created a particles simulation already but I don't really know how to achive these impact streaks. Tried to drive a smoke sim on those particles to then use this pyro sim to drive the same particle sim ontop of it. But I kinda failed.

Now I am asking this forum to help me to recreate this effect. How would you do that? 

Please only explained answers! 

Thanks in Advance 


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Don't simulate pyro for this one, just use rasterize from attribute. In a large-scale explosion from a far distance, you can't see the smoke-like behavior of the explosion like the explosion of stars.

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