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Infinite knot

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Helloo, i try to replicate this shape , i tought it will be easy with the sweep node but the result is not as pleasing as the exemple .. Any tips are welcome !  thanks


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@mike_Just rotate .. with this you have endless possibility ...Have Fun ..use after add SOP or skin or copy to points that Star Shape.

int u = chi('u_num');
int v = chi('v_num');
float inner = chf('inner');
float outer = chf('outer');
float pi = $PI *2;

for(int i=0; i<u; i++){
    for(int j=0;j<v;j++){
        float centerX = inner +(outer -inner)*0.5;
        float torusRad = (outer -inner)*0.5;
        float X = centerX +torusRad *cos(pi / u *i);
        float Y = torusRad *sin(pi / u *i);
        vector pos = set(X*cos(pi / v*j),Y,X *sin(pi /v *j));
        int pt = addpoint(0,pos);
        vector centerPt = set(centerX *cos(pi / v *j), 0,centerX *sin(pi /v *j));
        vector normal = normalize(pos -centerPt);
int ucount = chi('ucount');
int vcount = chi('vcouont');
float height = chf('height');
float waveslid = chf('waveslid');

int uWaveCount = chi('uWaveCount');
int vWaveCount = chi('vWaveCount');

int u = point(0,'u',@ptnum);
int v = point (0,'v',@ptnum);

vector nor =v@N;

float uRatio = u /float(ucount);
float vRatio = v /float(vcount);
float pi = $PI * 2;

vector newPos = @P + nor *height * sin(pi * vRatio *vWaveCount + pi * uRatio *uWaveCount + pi * waveslid);
@P = newPos;

sec wrangle






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I installed the two wrangle, and I'm getting some action, but it doesn't really look like my supplied heart shape. Can you recommend any settings for the two wrangles?



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