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Creating thick separated smoke with differen colors.

ekan de

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Hey everyone. I got a bit of a challenge on my desk now.


This is what the project is about.

1. Creating thick colored smoke that rises upwards from the center. 

2. The smoke needs to have one red side and one yellow.

3. the smoke should mix minimal but the smoke needs to affect each side. so if the smoke from the red side moves  has some turbulence and moves over to the yellow side this should push the yellow side away and not blend. Minimal blending is okay but i want to keep the different shapes for as much as possible.

4. Later on there should be a character walking thru the smoke and push the smoke outwards the sides and towards the camera to.


Is there a way to use viscosity by attribute from the 2 different emitters? There is a viscosity checkbox but i cant find use viscosity by attribute to have different for each emitter.

right now im using 1 emitter for the yellow smoke and 1 for the red. 

In the beginning when the smoke rises up i need each color to stay on its side from the center to then be able to affect each other.

i tried seeting up a simple geo in the middle but when simulating it its like the smoke gets stuck on the collider and it makes it look kinda weird.

Attaching a very simple sketch. and the hip file.



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