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How can I create a normal vector pointing to the nearest point...


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Hi guys,

As you can see in the image below, I have some scattered points on a grid and there are some points near a curve that are selected.

Now I need help on how to create a "Normal vector" on each scattered point, that is toward (pointed to) the nearest point to the point selection.


Thanks for helping.




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you can do that with pointclouds, it's ideal for averaging out the normal directions
which is probably what you want.

// wrangle1
// change color by proximity to curve points
int handle = pcopen(1,"P",@P,chf("radius"),1);
    @Cd = {1,0,1};

// use blast nodes to separte in 2 geometries

// wrangle2
// create normals from average closest points
int handle = pcopen(1,"P",@P,chf("radius"),chi("maxpoints"));
    vector p = pcfilter(handle,"P");
    v@N = p-@P;



> using 1 point or 40 points for position lookup

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