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Resample in VEX? (imitate Resample SOP | resample vector array)

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Hi guys!

Is it possible to have imitate the Resample SOP in VEX?
I basically want to do the last step of this tutorial (see 07:20) entirely in VEX, so that it generates the array of proper vector positions from the 5 'control point' vectors.

(so I could potentially make a polyline from there as well with addpoint and addprim then if I wanted to)

Thanks in advance


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vector posStart = point(1,"P",0);               

for(int i = 16; i < npoints(1)-16; i++){      
    vector tempP = point(1,"P",i);                 

vector posEnd = point(1,"P",npoints(1)-1);     

//create spline                                                       

int its = chi("iterations");                                         

for(int i = 0; i <= its; i++){                                       
    vector tempP = spline("linear",(float)i/(float)its,v[]@pos);        
    int newPt = addpoint(0,tempP);  
int val = 20;

for (int i = 0; i<= val; i++){
        vector temP = spline('linear',(float)i/(float)val,{0,0,0},{0,0,5},{0,0,10});
        int newPt = addpoint(0,temP);

+ you have here FeELib-for-Houdini just search on Google (something Like Q-lib for Houdini endless ex and Files



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