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ray specific group of points using their normals on a primitive

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in attached file, I'm trying to ray the group of points "base_points" from the side faces onto the middle primitive, but It doesn't work.

If I use minimum distance it works but the side faces get distorted, the points don't go in a straight line, but to the closest part, and I want distortion on the side faces.

I make sure the direction of the normal is exactly what I want, but the Project Rays vector normal doesn't work



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Hi Karen

the reason is because it fails to find a primitive when shooting a ray in the normals direction since your target collision only has 1 primitive (1 face in the middle). What you could do is drop a convertline node before the ray to break your target's edges into 4 primitives, that should fix the issue. Added VEX version as a bonus 




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