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Dynamic Chains

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Hi everybody, I want to add some wires to a robot character I have done.

I want this wires to be dynamic so I am trying to create dynamic chains from poligonal curves.

I have tested the wire solver but I haven't get good results.

so I move to a dynamic chain solution with several elements connected by two-ways constraints and using the RBD Solver.

The ends of the wires are animated, and this is the source of the problem, for the moment I have stable wires that works well when their end are almost stopped or stopped, but whenthey are moving the solution becomes very instable.

Here is a video to show the problem:


And here is the scene I am using for the tests:


Some clues about how to make these dynamic chains in Houdini?

How to make them stable and reliable?

I am not using the correct method?

Maybe using a bone chain with dynamics is the way to go? Any example about this technique in Houdini?


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Saludos Pablo :)

The movie and the scene files aren't working for me, but i've tried to get the similar thing using the wire dops, but wasn't able to reach anything moving and working right, one other thing that worked well enough was using a Spring SOP, i was able to do create a dynamic chain fairly easily using that, and got decent control out of it.


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This might help, its a very simple very old test file I did to see if I could constrain a wire at both ends to teo animating bones. There may be better ways now.


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Thanks Simon.

Yes the links aren working I have to revise them.

Well I have made some tests with the Wire Solver and finally it is working perfectly and now I have my tool to create dynamic wires for my character.

wire solver works great for this, I haven't test it with fur.

Now my problem is that the wire deformer scales my original geometry, motion is passed perfectly but when I use wirecapture with the wire deformer I get a scaled up wire version.

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Not really sure what exactly you want to do, but why not using the curve as animation path for bunch of bones or directly for the chain pieces ?

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