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Houdini Models Needed For Touch Show

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Greg Hermanovic is doing a Touch show for Side Effects at Siggraph this year. Greg is looking for Houdini models to use in his show.

Here is his discription:

- something to tie Houdini and Touch together. I would like about 10 models made entirely in Houdini. But no particles, no characters.

- .bgeo is fine, .obj too. hierarchies - not good.

- UV coordinates yes, color/alpha yes and texture maps yes (.tif .jpg preferred).

- shaders - well, the shader logic - ok, but I will have to interpret them somewhat.

- no procedural textures though.

- models can be real things (furnishing, gadgets etc) or non-real.

- And it would be better if they are not deforming - I don't want to have to replicate SOPs doing deformations.

- I would just do closeups on them, may use some as wireframe..., mix with other stuff. it's not a "showcase".


Please send your models to me at; Jenny@SideFX.com, and I will forward them to Greg.



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