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MIguel P


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Thanks Miguel for the hip file, I learn a bunch from the file, one thing I want to ask is the custom node called cuspvalue, of which the content is missing, can you talk a little bit about what it is supposed to do?

Thanks again.


I am stuck at the same problem...what is cuspvalue supposed to do ?

Anyone ?


thanks ...


and thanks Miguel ! :)

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On 25/09/2008 at 5:18 PM, MIguel P said:


Sure, here is it :)

You won't be able to see the sky image, which I also used as environment map. And the source of the spray file comes from the rop output in the maelstrom geo node.

Don't copy it! :D


Looks great,! :) but I m facing  bravoissue at the moment touse in houdini 16 with your setting and methos used few years ago... ;(

Im just starting FX in houdini but on the other hand i have been asked to do such an effect.. with ground collapsing as well...


Could someone help me please?

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