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Georg Duemlein - Technical Reel

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my name is Georg Duemlein.

My reel and a shotbreakdown: http://www.preset.de/reel/

I'd like to gain experience as a technical director in the feature film and visual effects industry.

Since 1994 I've done various jobs in the area of vfx, such as compositing, rotoscoping, particles, effects, modeling, shading and TD for local studios . First based in Munich, then Weimar and Vienna and now in Muenster.

I worked with 3dsMAX for more than 10 years - but I became interested in a more procedural approach.

Houdini seemed be so different. Initially I taught myself how to use it, but I wanted a stable foundation to build on, so I decided to take courses at Garman's Visual Effects Academy.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.



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Hi Georg,

Congratulations and good luck on your hunt!

I understand you wanted to keep an all Houdini reel for this one, but as a personal opinion... I think you also have some really impressive works that you have scripted for Max that you should use :-).



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preset.de escapes

I made the switch.


After spending the last months coding in max to get near the workflow I felt so comfortable with.

After realizing in my university teaching position that maya is not exactly brilliant neither.

After getting used to be a bastard - cultivated by designers and scientists - never to be accepted as one of their breed.

The keys to my escape arrived yesterday and now I am organizing my new pipeline.

I'd like to position myself as a effect boutique delivering high-end visual effects.

Those who know my work from my postings, website and reel know that you might not expect too much
dust - smoke - liquids

Also the future I am going to spend my time with cubes, growth and color - exploring the twilight of science and arts.

If you know of a open university teaching position with strong bias towards "research of proceduralism in arts and design" - I'd highly appreciate to get noticed.

effect boutique - boy I love this term - need to get a huge neon sign ...



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