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Very Od H9 Licensing Issue In Linux

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So I Updated to Ubuntu/Kubuntu 7.1 and successfully was running H9 apprentice. Although some issues in gnome, things were smooth in KDE. I had been using Houdini since installation and several reboots as I have grub handling multiple OSs. Unfortunately after last reboot, I now have the following licensing problem. The license is gone. And when I choose to show expired licenses, it is absent from there as well. But, the oddest part of all, is the error I am receiving:

WARNING An old version of the license server (4.x or older) is running on this machine. To be able to install and return licenses successfully, please upgrade the license server to version 9.0.747 now.

Huh? What could be possibly causing this? Obviously since this was a recent install I never had any version of Houdini on this OS, never the less Houdini 4,

I will likely be over-installing H9 again,which should give me the current license server installation, but this isn't fixing the issue as much as avoiding it, as I am sure it will crop up again for someone if not myself.

Does anyone have any idea what would cause this? Or how to resolve the underlying issue to keep from repeating it?

Thanks ahead for any help, suggestions, or ideas.

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