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edit op - dumb question

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I've had this question in mind for some time but things always get in the way or I just forget....

when I use an Edit OP...move some points around, bla bla bla, move on to something else etc...then try to come back and use the same edit to change a few things I find that I can't...the edit is selected and display is on...but I can't seem to reselect new points...using "reselect new geometry for current operation" does nothing because I'm in a 'view'...

so how do I get back into the edit?...

sorry if this is really simple/stupid...but I just done get it <_<


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hey arctor

when using k to go back up the network once i arrive at the editSOP i just left-click and then am instantly back in the editSOP. even if i choose it in the network, it's the same deal. also i could use tab, or the hotkey i've assigned and am back in that sop without a new editSOP coming up.

see if that works

btw, i always have secure selection turned off.....maybe that has something to do with it......

actually just tried it with secure selection and the left-click will not work but by using a hotkey i do get back in.

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well I guess the fact that today is a holiday here meant that my brain took the day off...

it's all good now...I'm just a dumbass today...

thanks anyway for the reply betty :)

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