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Lsystem To Curves For Particle Flow

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Hello everyone. :ph34r:

I'm fairly new at houdini but I've been having lots of fun with it's lsystem. I was wondering if there was a way once you have a lsystem set up, to break it up into multiple curves that all starts from the root of the lsystem. What I mean is, having a lsystem with 3 generations, I would like to have the curves start of at the root then follows the first division then follows the first branch and then the second branch all in one curve and a different curve for each possibility existing in the lsystem. The curves would overlap other curves at some point. what i'm trying to achieve is to flow particles along the lsystem. I heard that David Gary has done a tutorial on this actual problem but I can't find it anywhere. The podcast of it doesn't work. So If anyone already did this or has any hint of an idea on the approach of getting the effect done I would deeply appreciate it

Thanx for any reply :)


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yes, David's video was precisely about your issue. Isn't it still somewhere around? I have it on disk. If David doesn't mind I can put it somewhere for download.



ups, thanks aracid!

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yes it has been hosted at Cmivfx a certain time ago.

I think the link aracid sent still works. I'm gonna check and if not ask Chris from Cmivfx to put it back on cmi list of freebies.

It has been done in houdini 8 but all the workflow still applies ( and it was my first video tut 3 years ago as an amateur with an awful lot of "alright", "ok", that should be removed... needless to say the dvds are nothing like that).

warning: the param expression is deprecated in favour of the stamp expression. check the help on that


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