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Question about Dynamic Sand / Soil.

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I have been working on a dynamics simulation of ground cracking for a while. I got the main chunks to work correct. Now I plan to introduce some small chunks, some sand and some sprites (dust).

I kind of have an idea about the small chunks and the sprites (dust).

But how should I approach the "dynamic sand" issue...

I call it "dynamic sand" because it should not only just fly around... but it should be heavier than the dust and also come out of the cracks and land on the chunks... and stick on them... (stay there).

I know that:


is a good post about this issue... but any extra ideas and suggestions will be at a great help.

Here is how my scene looks:



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So I am thinking about it... and have not try something yet...

But I might have this:

1) Emit particles from the insides of the chunks.

2) Make them fly a little bit and then stick on the chunk geometry on collusion.

3) Use metaballs copied on these particles.

So I can have something like sand (soil) being pushed out of the ground among the chunks.

The issue is... are the sticked particles going to stay on the geometry... since my chunks keep moving as the object in the middle moves after it comes out of the ground.

And also... how will I avoid the metaballs look like mud... and make them look like heavy chunks of sand / soil?

I will have to test that... first thing.

...or maybe that sand object that comes with the new fluid things in H9 might be a good option?

I have seen people mentioning it... has anybody actually used it?

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