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Pop2xsi - import your houdini particles animation into xsi

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Here is a solution to bring your Houdini pop simulation, particles' position and rotation info, into Xsi : Pop2Xsi http://nico.delbecq.free.fr/res/Pop2xsi_v1.0b.xsiaddon ...

For now it works only with a constant number of particles, no particle creation or deletion during the simulation

Using the Geometry CHOP, export your animated channels as a .chan file and bring them to Xsi.

Just add a geometry CHOP in your Scene and choose the popnet as SOP, set the method as animated and the Attribute Scope to ' P rot ' and the Rename Scope field ' t[xyz] r[wxyz]' (like in the screen capture).... Then creates your objects in xsi ( or import them from houdini ), for each pop point/particle you should have an object selected, and launch the script


Comments and feedbacks are welcome...



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