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meshing pattern

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hi all, i'm exploring the houdini capacity in meshing pattern for polygon, seems to me there are limitations-

1. when i use the "divide" sop for a polygon box, divide>smooth polygon>weight.... since i want to have a variation for the "weight" apply to different surface of the box, i tried to type in expression like $PT+... , however, houdini do not allow me to do so. I then tried to use attribcreate for the "weight",still do not work.

2. since all the lines are straight in a polygon meshing, is there any way to select individual lines to make it as a curve? i tried to isolate the edge and make it polyspline, however i cannot merge it back to the original surface to be part of the primitive divisions. Please see here- http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3275/266741...ecd4d2426_o.jpg


3. when i use "divide">convex polygons or "tristrip" sop, is there any way to control the trianglation directions at selected primitives?



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