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Could someone please outline the process of generating rib file?

I dont mean writing shader or anything like it. Only, which files do I need and which commands(arguments) should I type at the prompt.

I have Borland C++ 5.5 installed so, I think this is enough to compile a RIB right?

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here goes......barely played around with Rman, let's see how much damage I can cause.... :ph34r:

I have Borland C++ 5.5 installed so, I think this is enough to compile a RIB right?

ok..(as far as I know) a RIB file is not an executable ....it's barely an ascii scene description, that you can open up, edit, read..etc..."scene description" means it contains the geometry definitions, object and camera transforms, shader assignements and much much more....think of it as a peek at the scene you're working on, after it's been converted to a version more "readable" by the renderer....

it's the shaders that are "compiled" separately (well, a half-bake, really) using their own appropriate compiler, that varies wether you're using PRman, BMRT or one of the many Rman compliant renderers.... (shader code is C-"like", it's not really "bona fide" C or C++....)

to answer your question, you can generate RIB files from within houdini using the Geometry ROP in "outputs"...I also suspect the Rman ROP might have some option to output RIB as well (maybe as a command line switch)

you can also do it from *Gasp* within Maya.....

hope that answers your question...

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I'll explane what I'm having problem with in particular.

In PRMans docs there is a folder called Renderman Companion(just like the book!and it,s meant to be used with the book.) with many examples in it.

Examples are .c and .h files. According to the manuals there also should be a number of make files which automate the process of generating an RIB.The thing is that those make files are missing :blink: , so I wanted to compile and render examples myself(while I walk trough Renderman Companion) but I dony know how to do that. Do you?

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ok, found this online....


which should be the source code you're referring to....

ok...yes....sure looks like C.....

and I quote form the same page:

NOTE: Pixar has a tutorial page which describes how to build these examples. If you have prman then look under $RMANTREE/tutorial. As a bonus, they have a Chapter 17, which contains examples of controlling various prman options. ie. eye-splits, gridsize, jitter, etc.

I bet this is what you're looking for:http://www.renderman.org/RMR/Books/RC/misc.htmld/index.html

....ok....the companion text is always relevant, but I suspect the implementation of the examples is quite old...never had to deal with .c files with PRman.....but then again, I don't have extensive experience with it...

If I were you, I wouldn't bother messing around to generate RIBS their way....looks clunky.....ultimately, you want to learn how to *read* RIBs and write shaders, right?

you could do that just as easily by writing simple RIBs from a nice GUI offered in houdini :) then open them up and let the learning begin!

as for shaders, well...since the text is still relevant, you can get a nice installation of BMRT and have fun with that, if installed correctly you can be up and sunning in 5 min, coding, compiling, even rendering...

I only use the book as a guideline....

but that's me...

hope any of the rant helps....

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