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Blastcode like shattering challenge

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I've included a file of the last Montreal Houdini User Group presentation. This shows how to shatter a mesh from a map a bit like Blastcode does. I also drives the chunk from a particle system.

You'll notice this system works only when the texture cracks have a constant width. I haven't been able to make it work with unprecise texture. Blastcode is very good at it. My feeling a lot of the success in the algorithm is in the texture processing itself. I tried in Cop without great success.

The challenge is to make it work with texture called windowCrack_04.tif in the img folder.

Good luck!




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Hello there,

Great idea.

Are you saying that Blast Code can take the image in question (the one you want to make work) and create and image that can used successfully or otherwise use that image to create the shards?

It is only my opinion and others may beg to differ, I am confident that the Trace Sop will never be albe to come up with anything useful for a few reasons in this case:

- the image is quality is really poor. It is soft, to blurred and to much colour variation in it.

- even if it were sharper, trace would find those thick lines and of course trace the inside and outside edge of each again not giving you anything really useful here.

When I get some time, I will try a few things as this is useful. But I doubt we are going to get anything useful from this image.

It would not be easy to photograph do to the way lighting would reflect and react with the glass, but I am thinking it might be quite successful with a photo of a piece of glass shattered for this purpose (in a production) and then that photo used.

Anyone else?

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Just thought I'd pipe in here. You'll notice that this is a pretty old challenge. Sorry for keeping it in storage for so long Francois, I hope it's still current enough :)


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