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Guest BobbyD

Houdini Mindset

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Guest BobbyD

Hello everyone.

Sorry for posting in here but this is the only place where a guest can post.

Can anyone offer advice on the workflow of Houdini? I'm having a difficult time adjusting to the workflow. I come from an Alias and Softimage background where things are heirachy based.

I went through the modeling tutorials for apprentice but I'm having a difficult time understanding and navigating the heirachy of operators. I did the subD show tutorial but got stuck because i hit some wrong key and I can not get back into the point mode. I can't even select the object in the viewport. I can select the object in the network window but I can't get my edit operation back. I'll retry the tutorial again.

I posted here because I thought some of you pros might use Maya and Houdini in production and might help me with this.

If anyone has good advice on the mind migration, it would be great.

Also, do I have to be a houdini customer to become member here?

Thank you


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as fopr of[force]...just register..there is a little link at the top left beside 'Log In'...I think you register then a confirmation email is sent, then you're in!...and if they let me in they'll let anyone in :)

about the Houdini mindset....lots of people have made the same comment...I come from Maya so I know exactly what you're talking about...

try to think of a Houdini scene like a hard drive, with folders for each type of thing > SOPs, COPs etc....each in it's own area, but able to reference things from other areas....

when you use a tool > in your case the Edit OP > you are in the Edit OP state...you can leave temporarily by hitting the spacebar to go to a View state, then release the spacebar to return to where you were...if you lay down an Edit OP > move some points or whatever, then go on to another operation but what to go back to the edit and make some changes...you can make the edit op the display OP then in the viewport hit Enter > to enter the edit state again...

hope this helps

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Guest Guest

Hi arctor

Thank u for reply. Your hard drive example makes more sense now.

So in theory everything is in folder and I can "symlink" operations from one folder to another.

I have linux so it makes sense to me now that i can navigate houdini like navigation of hard drive from shell.

That easy? no way!

Also, does anyone use the character tools in Houdini for production? I'm studying to be a TD and was told to learn Houdini but what about character animation? Or do most of u import from Maya and Softimage?

I will join this site; now i know it's ok.

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