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why cannot reactive the nc houdini 6

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:( my houdini 6 apprentice version's license was due yesterday. i tried to reactive the non-commercial license. Although it said the non-commercial license is installed successfully, the License Adminstrator keeps asking license whenever i run Houdini...

I tried unstall houdini, delete the whole folder. but it did not work..

what can i do?? arrrrr!!!! killing me

help!!!!!! :(:angry:

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Did you try to delete it from the registry, as well? Delete everything, then go to Start>Run and type in "regedit" There go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE> and delete the folder called Side Effects Software. Be careful not to delete anything else! The reboot the computer and reinstall.

Now that I think of it, another thing that you should check is whether your license server set correctly. Go to license administrator and check if your computer is set as a license sever.

Hope this helps,


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