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for per-light image planes, with a light selected in "light export" how do i get the `outlight()` function to work...

so i can name my passes `outvar()`_`outlight()`

is this still how it's done in 9.5? i get this from a .hip i downloaded (h9.0) and it worked but when i set it up it doesn't...


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I gather you got the hip from here? If so, the `outvar()`_`outlight()` was a custom expression of Peter's:

I added a couple of very simple custom expressions to make life easier when setting up the ROP that extract the light and the variable for you from the Deep Raster entry (uses $CH in the custom expression which returns the name of the channel it's being used in).

So it's not a built in feature of Houdini, but still a very useful expression!

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