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Rigging and Stamping

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Hello everyone,

I'm not sure I'm posting in the right section but here goes.

I have this simple tube model that is rigged via some expressions so it moves all alone.

I also have a fairly basic particle system.

Finally I use a copy sop to copy the skinned model on the particles.

Now, the thing I want to get working is to get some attributes of the points on which I'm copying the tube via stamping, and use them in the expressions of my rig ?

I tried a basic stamp("../locationOfMyCopySop","myattribute",0) but it doesn't work as stamping only works higher in the hierarchy of the copied branch which is, in my case, an objectmerge of the skinned model.

I'm definitely not doing this right and have absolutely no idea of how to get this working.

Does anyone know how to do this ?

Any help would be deeply appreciated.


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I dont think you can stamp attributes at /obj level.

You should save file sequences to disk with different animations and then point to those differents "prebaked" sequences to populate your particle system. You can easily get the sequences using a file sop with a custom expression.

Another solution is using a "SOP rig", for example using lattices, then you can stamp any attriburte in that rig.

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Ok it does work, it's my bad I was tired last night and I was just doing it wrong, I was using $PT insted of $ID in the point expression I was using in the stamp value.

Anyway works like a charm its just that my attributes are calculated wrongly.

Thanks for the help anyway, good idea for the sop rig but it has its limitation for more complicated examples

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